The Ultimate Overall Parka - From raincoat to onesie without taking off your shoes

This waterproof parka is the embodiment of city chic. And when it’s time to go back on the saddle simply undo the zip on the back to let out the trouser legs, and there it is, your cycling waterproof coverall - see how it works.

On in 30 seconds

Easy to put on, and no need to take your shoes off – thanks to the patented cut. Slip it on, do up the three zips and you are good to go. Packed away in the integrated bag, the RAINCOMBI overall is the soul of simplicity.

Total protection

Ideal for cyclists. Pull the hood up over the helmet and adjust the elastic cords. Full protection, with complete freedom of movement and unrestricted visibility. Reflector strips for additional visibility, adjustable trouser leg.

Clean lines

The RAINCOMBI overalls are made in Europe according to fair manufacturing principles. Oeko-Tex 100 certified European materials. Water proof, eco-friendly lining free of toxic PFOA and PFOS fluorocarbons.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. ”

(old scout saying)

The RAINCOMBI overall will keep you dry, leaving you free to enjoy life to the full – even when it’s pouring outside.


Hop on and get going – whether you are on the way into the office or just out for a ride.


Through puddles, deflecting the spray from other vehicles without a care in the world.


Trendy on an e-bike, dry as a bone on a Pedelec, Segway or Robstep.


Fans of the great outdoors will be in their element, even when the heavens open.

Nordic walking

Don’t let rain spoil your plans. Your body will thank you!

Quick as a flash without taking your shoes off

Simply slip into the sleeves as you would with any other coat then do up the upper zip followed by the two at the bottom – on in 30 seconds.


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