About us

These days more and more people are taking to two wheels to get around. Speed, flexibility, health, sport and the environment are just some of the factors behind the boom in cycling. And governments all over the world are responding with increasingly cyclist-friendly traffic policies. But sometimes the weather refuses to play along, putting something of a spanner in the works for cyclists. It was this issue that Oksana Stavrou set out to tackle in her master’s programme. A passionate urban biker, she founded ORAIN GmbH in 2011 and designed the RAINCOMBI overalls.

From the outset RAINCOMBI has been synonymous with fair production values and high-quality workmanship from the EU. Certified toxin-free in accordance with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard, the materials come from Sweden and Germany. The production facility in the Czech Republic is owned and managed by the people who run it.

„RAINCOMBI isn’t just innovative, it represents the very best of fair production values. We wanted to avoid a manufacturing process that involves shipping materials half way round the world. Respect for people and the environment is our top priority“


Oksana Stavrou


ORAIN is growing. Since summer 2014 an expanded team has been working with Oksana to develop new products and take them to market.

Mag. Oksana Stavrou, MBA – Managing Director


The daughter of a Ukrainian university lecturer specialising in textile art, Oksana spent much of her childhood making outfits for her dolls, before going on to make her own clothes. She studied law and embarked upon a successful career at an insurance company. During maternity leave with her two daughters she found time to complete her masters which helped to rekindle her dormant passion for design. And faced with a complete lack of truly practical clothing for urban cyclists she set about creating her own range!

Reinhard Herok – Marketing


Reinhard never does anything by halves. And he is particularly passionate about helping other people to get the things that matter most to them up and running. Reinhard is drawn to new ideas and sustainable products, and always brings a unique perspective to the table. His long-standing experience of the worlds of marketing, corporate communications and training make him the ideal partner for people and companies who are looking to make a difference.